We are excited to have Patrice Lockhart join us this month for a seminar to discuss menopause.

Attendance is free, but we ask you to register to attend, so that we can properly prepare for the number of participants:



This seminar is not only for women currently going through menopause. Younger women are encouraged to attend in preparation for it. Older women are encouraged to attend to be better equipped to help others.

We are offering two opportunities to participate. Choose whichever session is most convenient for you.

Friday, April 26th @ 6pm

Cancer Society Building, Palmetto Point


Saturday, April 27th @ 9am

St. Luke’s Parish Hall, Rock Sound


Patrice is certified with Menopause Movement in the UK. Her interest in Health & Wellness began over 25 years ago, and her passion is to help people
achieve their good health goals.

Menopause hit Patrice like a tsunami without a warning. After experiencing eight years of tumultuous menopausal symptoms and visiting doctors but not getting answers, Patrice began studying the topic of menopause as well as conducting interviews and informal surveys in search of more information.

In January 2021, after much planning, Patrice & a friend co-hosted Menopause The Dialogue, a web television show focused on helping women understand menopause. As a Menopause Coach, Patrice offers guidance, support, information and tools to help women navigate menopause.